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Fort Stars Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 8

Fort Stars is an insanely fun action strategy game from PlayStack. Choose your very own all-star squad and invade armed fortresses using mind-blowing magic spells, ridiculously satisfying skill-shots, and screen-shaking brawls.

Crush the enemy with the fearsome Barbarian. Electrify opponents with the Runemaster. Land the perfect arrow with the Ranger. There’s 17 amazing heroes to choose from, customize and upgrade.

Invade fortresses built by friends, foes, and anyone else around the world. Turn the tables and build your own impenetrable fortress. Design your fortress layout with sneaky traps, devious secrets, and fearsome guardians.

Storm fortresses and steal treasure all in front of a cheering crowd. Go on an awesome warpath by playing special cards that unlock rare abilities. Destroy guardians, plunder treasure rooms, smash defences.

Build your own collection of powerful cards. Cast incredible spells that shake fortress walls. Unlock special moves, from poison arrows to Ancient Blasts. Summon even more characters and overrun the enemy. Face humongous, screen-filling bosses. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Fort Stars Walkthrough Part 1:

Fort Stars Walkthrough Part 2:

Fort Stars Walkthrough Part 3:

Fort Stars Walkthrough Part 4:

Fort Stars Walkthrough Part 5:

Fort Stars Walkthrough Part 6:

Fort Stars Walkthrough Part 7:

Fort Stars Walkthrough Part 8:

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