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Runes: The Forgotten Path Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 2

Runes: The Forgotten Path is a story rich puzzle adventure game from StormBorn Studio. You are Leth, a renegade wizard who awakens after a long slumber trying to escape from the Oblivion, a magical sleep prison of the mind. Your spells are forgotten. You are fighting for survival in a virtual fantasy world. Use the movement of your hands to cast powerful spells, solve puzzles and fight enemies.

During the game you will recollect his memories bit by bit, recalling your past and figuring out the mystery behind a magical world populated by bizarre and unsettling entities. With the use of your powerful spells and wits you will fight enemies, solve puzzles and pursue the recollection of all your lost memories.

The game uses a new locomotion system which combines 1st person and 3rd person gameplay mechanics. The name of this system is 4th Wall since the player crosses the wall from spectator to actor in a seamless yet engaging manner. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Runes: The Forgotten Path Walkthrough Part 1 – First Spell:

Runes: The Forgotten Path Walkthrough Part 2 – Killed by A Shadow:

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