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My Supermarket Story: Store Tycoon Simulation Walkthrough and Gameplay

My Supermarket Story is a unique supermarket tycoon simulator from Infinite Speed Tech. Start from scratch in a supermarket and slowly accumulate wealth until you are rich. You will build a huge business empire step by step, and the person who controls the supreme authority of this money empire will be you.

Don’t let go of any details when you start business. Everything will be related to your business. Selling goods that customers like, the income will be higher. Clearing up the garbage on the ground in time will increase the popularity of the supermarket. Open the Black Friday, Shop traffic reaches its maximum. Invite the popular star, fans who come together will also buy things.

There is also a cute butler robot that will help you put goods on the empty shelves, clean the garbage on the ground, and be your intimate assistant. There are more cinemas, apartment buildings, restaurants and a variety of buildings and games to unlock. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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