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Sand Dunes Escape Game Walkthrough and Video Solution

1. Turn right, get closer to the paintings, take truncheons above
2. Open the second drawer below (from left to right), take the box
3. Get closer to the right most drawer, click inside the drawer, open the compartment, take the screwdriver
4. Get closer to the plants near the right cabinet, take the green button on the green plants.
5. Turn right, get closer to the wall and the white box below, open the screws with a screwdriver.
6. Take the white box away, see the handle can be dragged down.
7. Turn the lid to see the prompt.
8. Turn left, get closer to pink box password at the left of the cabinet, you see the prompt.
9. Turn right, get closer to the Round Table at the right side, take the book and read.
10. Get closer to the sofa, remove the cushions to get the hook.
11. Click at the right and back side of the sofa to turn the angle, on the ground to take truncheons.
12. Get closer to the right side of the large Hamburg, click the left edge of the desk to turn the perspective, you are prompted.
13. Click the upper right of the Hamburg, take the purple button.
14. Turn to the paintings, click the right side of the screen to turn the perspective, you see the button and then press it.
15. Get closer to the right plant, click the right side of the counter to turn the perspective, see the prompt.
16. Get closer to the pink box, according to Figure 2, Figure 4, Figure 5 and Figure 6, enter the password 1584 as prompted.
17. Open the box and remember the arrangement of the items inside.
18. Take the food out to see the price.
19. Get closer to the paintings, according to Figure 4 the right side of Figure 9, Figure 10 tips (the price of two flavors +4), enter the password 256.
20. Open the paintings and get a hammer.
21. Get closer to the left of the drawer, Smash batons with the hammer and get a truncheon.
22. Open the drawer, get the blue button.
23. Take three truncheons and compose a long stick. View the left of the head, set up the hook.
24. Turn right, get closer to the ceiling vents, pull it down with the long stick.
25. Click the white box on the wall, pull the back rod, and see a ladder.
26. Climb on the ladder and take the red button.
27. Get closer to the jar at the right side of the Round Table, broke it with a hammer, then take the yellow button.
28. Get closer to the alarm clock at the left side, click the left back wall to switch the perspective, see the prompted colors.
29. Click the box in the items column, place buttons according to the prompted colors.
30. Open the box and take the magnetic card.
31. Get closer to the Big Hamburg and insert the magnetic.
32. Adjust colors as prompted.
33. Open the device and take the Hamburg key.
34. Open the door with the key and escape.

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