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Tango: The Adventure Game Walkthrough and Gameplay

Tango: The Adventure Game is a humorous 2D point and click adventure game from Gualicho Games. It is set in a world of Tango, featuring music from Carlos Gardel and original music from Adriana Figueroa Manas. Tango lyrics will be referenced in the script, as will the films of Carlos Gardel. The scenarios are real and the story mixes fiction with reality.

With a strong grasp on Argentinean culture, it guides the player through a very charming story full of rich details of an early twentieth century Buenos Aires. All the chapters game are references to Tango songs. The dialogues are influenced by the lyrics of Tango.

Carlos is abandoned by his fiancee, faces gambling debts and is no longer the number one in Tango. So he decided to change his life and win back his wife back in Paris – but with no money, and the mafia chasing him. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Tango: The Adventure Game Walkthrough Part 1:

Tango: The Adventure Game Walkthrough Part 2:

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