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War of Rights Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 6

War of Rights is a first person multiplayer game from Campfire Games, with a focus on historical authenticity set during the perilous days of the American Civil War, in the Maryland Campaign of September, 1862. You will be able to play on multiple battlefields of the campaign, choose from a list of regiments that fought in each battle as well as what rank to fight as.

As a General, you will operate in your headquarters equipped with a map of the battlefield and constantly receiving reports of friendly and enemy positions. Send out new orders to the regiments to move forward, or fall back in real time. The orders will move down the chain of command, to the Colonels, Majors, down to the Captains in charge of the individual regiments.

Each map contains a period reconstruction of the buildings, farms, forests, roads, and rocks as they were in 1862. You can feel the whiz of deadly shot and shell fly by your bodies, or hit your comrades or yourselves as you scream in a bloody hail from your wounds. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

War of Rights Walkthrough Part 1 – Recruited:

War of Rights Walkthrough Part 2 – Training:

War of Rights Walkthrough Part 3 – The Final Test:

War of Rights Walkthrough Part 4 – The First Skirmish:

War of Rights Walkthrough Part 5 – The Bet of the Century:

War of Rights Walkthrough Part 6 – The Promotion:

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