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Clash of Wonders Walkthrough and Gameplay

Clash of Wonders is an awesome strategy game from NetEase Games. You’ll play as a god and lead a civilization from its crude beginnings to prosperity. Summon epic heroes from around the world to command troops and interact with other civilizations with swords or pacts. Expand your territories, conquer ancient wonders, and lead your civilization to true immortality.

Some of the most powerful heroes are hidden in the wonders left behind by many ancient civilizations. They’re all out there in the wilderness, waiting for the brave to explore, discover, and conquer them. But the wonders are protected by powerful ancient guardians. Civilizations will have to form alliances to defeat them with their combined forces.

The great achievements of heroes are integral to the rise of a civilization. Recruit your favorite heroes and train them to become the pillars of your nation’s development. Each hero has unique skills. Train and match them wisely to boost your economic development and your performance on the battlefield. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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