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Two Point Hospital: Bigfoot Walkthrough Part 1 to 2

Two Point Hospital: Bigfoot is a DLC of Two Point Hospital, which is a strategy simulator from Two Point Studios. Explore a new wintery region, featuring three brand new hospitals, 34 new region-specific illnesses, and a whole host of new in-game items.

Local celebri-yeti Bartholomew F. Yeti, the otherwise reclusive furball, has been petitioning for better healthcare in the Pointy Mountains, home to the most frequently forgotten people in all of Two Point County. Mr Yeti will need your help, curing new illnesses such as Cold Shoulder, Bard Flu, and Aurora Snorealis.

Cure a range of new illnesses in a variety of exciting new treatment rooms. This expansion includes 9 new visual illnesses and 34 region-specific illnesses. You will go to Underlook Hotel, Swelbard Town, and Roquefort Castle. Help them run the medical facility, set up the research hospital, or just set up a hospital. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Two Point Hospital: Bigfoot Walkthrough Part 1:

Two Point Hospital: Bigfoot Walkthrough Part 2:

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