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Valor Guard Tactics Walkthrough Chapter 1 to 3

Valor Guard Tactics is an awesome RPG from Gravity Company. Acquire legendary heroes and level them up on your journey. Equip powerful items found throughout your adventures to further strengthen your heroes. Befriend special heroes in order to unleash powerful resonance bonuses for your legions.

Develop your abilities and acquire useful rewards using exciting modes such as Abandoned Treasure and Marching Unit. Test your skills and knowledge of tactics in formidable features such as Flight Challenge and Unit Challenge. Gather your strongest heroes to prove your strength in the Arena. Achieve glory by defeating your fellow players and receive daily rewards that increase as you rise through the ranks.

Seek out comrades to create a Guild and work together to obtain rewards. Test the guild’s strength by challenging special bosses in Party Trials. The more you participate in Guild activities the higher the rewards for all. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Valor Guard Tactics Walkthrough Chapter 1:

Valor Guard Tactics Walkthrough Chapter 2:

Valor Guard Tactics Walkthrough Chapter 3:

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