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Genesis Alpha One Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 3

Genesis Alpha One is a thrilling roguelike ship builder RPG from Radiation Blue. As the Captain of a Genesis starship, you journey into uncharted space on the ultimate mission. Build and manage a space vessel, farm resources, deal with terrifying alien infestations, clone creatures and explore a vast, randomly generated universe. Your goal is to find new homes for humanity’s DNA and save the species from extinction.

Every journey begins with a huge, randomised galaxy filled with adventure and peril. Discover new planets, encounter asteroid fields, survive hostile encounters as you explore the vastness of space. Death is permanent so every crew members life matters, and every decision must be carefully considered.

Loot DNA samples from the aliens you encounter across the galaxy and splice them with members of your crew to give humanity a chance to prosper with abilities far beyond what was previously imagined. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Genesis Alpha One Walkthrough Part 1:

Genesis Alpha One Walkthrough Part 2:

Genesis Alpha One Walkthrough Part 3:

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