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Endless Matching Fun: Bejeweled iOS Game Walkthrough

As the classic gems matching works, Bejeweled series games have been popular among the favorite players for several years. Bejeweled game transplanted to iOS platform keeps the previous game mode, it comes with a great visual effect and the sound ascension.

Sparkle gems seems a great 3D feeling. Operation and rules keep the same as before, three same gems moved together will be removed. You will get a flame gem if you have four gems removed. You create a hypercube gem after you have a cross or T shape gems removed. If you have more gems removed you may get a star gem or supermovae gem, all these four kind of special gems have special eliminate power.

You have to know that when you are removing other gems, you do not need to wait for eliminating completed. You can go directly to remove other gems, the process will be done at the same time. This will make the game more rapid coherent and more challenging and playable. If you cannot find any gems, just play the HINT button at the lower left corner of the screen to get tips.

There are three modes in the game: Classic Mode, Gem Miners Mode and Zen Mode. In Zen Mode, the game will be along with the different levfels of the background picture and transformation background music. Also you can choose your own natural sound, streams sound, bird song, wind sound etc. In addition, players can also open meditation article statement, it can alleviate intense sentiment and through fatigue statement.

Look at those beautiful colorful gems removed in your figure, or more close to a more dazzling gem, finally removed when catching a brilliant light, this feeling really let you involuntarily like the game. Do not miss this game if you like three matching game.

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