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HeartBeat Walkthrough and Guide Part 6 to 10

HeartBeat is a top-down RPG from ChumboSoft LLC. You traverse a land recovering from multiple strifes between humans and Mogwai. The unaware populace lives in a constant state of uncertainty and danger veiled by a tranquil facade. As a Conjurer, it is your duty to maintain the peace and ensure balance between all who share the earth beneath your feet.

Meet new friends and foes as you take on this strange and transcendent journey. Make friends, make enemies, go fishing, collect cards, beat up sharks, beat up tigers, obtain the denim blade, train a fuzzy infantile insect for battle, and uncover ancient secrets in this monster-filled adventure.

Explore an all-too-familiar, yet unfamiliar, world alongside beings known as Mogwai. The game features multiple endings according to your decisions. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

HeartBeat Walkthrough Part 6 – Lost Puppy:

HeartBeat Walkthrough Part 7 – Howdy:

HeartBeat Walkthrough Part 8 – Prices That Can’t be Beat:

HeartBeat Walkthrough Part 9 – Much More:

HeartBeat Walkthrough Part 10 – Tiny Oni Island:

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