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Short Ride Walkthrough and Guide All 20 Levels

Short Ride is a crazy riding adventure game from GameTornado. The ride will be anything but a quiet trail, many deadly dangers will await you in the game. Sharp saws, deadly spikes, bombs and countless destructive devices will surely tear you out a limb and even more if you can’t avoid them.

Each event will be a deadly course and you will need to be agile, and a bit unconscious, to avoid all the pitfalls and manage to collect the three stars of each level. Wheels and all kinds of vehicles in this game will make you laugh. You can also create your own course by using the level editor. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Short Ride Walkthrough Level 1 to 5:

Short Ride Walkthrough Level 6 to 10:

Short Ride Walkthrough Level 11 to 15:

Short Ride Walkthrough Level 16 to 20:

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