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Book of Demons Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 5

Book of Demons is a Hack and Slash Deck-building hybrid from Thing Trunk. Wield magic cards instead of weapons and slay the armies of darkness in the dungeons below the Old Cathedral. Save the terror-stricken Paperverse from the clutches of the Archdemon himself. You decide the length of quests.

The game takes place in Paperverse, a world that exists entirely inside a pop-up book. It’s a tale of good and evil about saving the world from the ultimate devilry. It’s not a card game, but items, spells, and skills are all expressed as cards. The strategy lies in adapting your hand to each situation.

Cards can be upgraded with runes and you can find many variants with diverse bonuses. Legendaries are the most epic but hard to acquire. There is often not enough time to click-remove all of the obstacles such as monster shields, enemy spells, poison, or knocked cards, so timing, card selection and order of execution are critical. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Book of Demons Walkthrough Part 1 – Hack and Slash Papercraft:

Book of Demons Walkthrough Part 2 – Poison Pigs, and Spiders:

Book of Demons Walkthrough Part 3 – Seeing Stars:

Book of Demons Walkthrough Part 4 – Almost Time to Get Eaten:

Book of Demons Walkthrough Part 5 – Demon Cook:

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