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Tales From Windy Meadow Walkthrough and Gameplay

Tales From Windy Meadow is a fantastic visual novel adventure game by Moral Anxiety Studio. Choose your path and live in a community. Help three protagonists make the most important choices of their lives. Windy Meadow is a small village, it is not rich but peaceful. The time has come for three young people to decide what are they going to do with their future.

Will Vena is the best huntress in the village who stays with her family. Fabel wants to become a famous bard, but his rough past complicates so many things. Iudicia is the local outsider and talented herbalist who is going to marry a man she doesn’t love. Each route offers different moods, topics and perspectives and all of them share the dramatic, final chapter.

You get to visit multiple buildings and outdoors and see how they change over the course of the game. The carefully thought-out fantasy setting reflects through both the dialogues and visuals. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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