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Starblazer Walkthrough and Guide

Starblazer is an immersive space strategy VR game by PRO2131, pitting players against each other in real-time aerial battles. Build up your fleet, devise a winning strategy, and conquer the galaxy.

In Fleet Builder, you can design your fleet, building in custom configurations and set-ups for the most strategic starting tactics. You can also customize the colors of their fleet, tweaking the ship paint jobs to reflect your own style and tastes.

In War Room, you engage in real-time strategic battles. You are given the option to play against the challenging in-game AI opponent, or participate in matchmaking battles against other players online. Think quickly and strategize where to send and control your fleet.

Clever players will use the combination of ships in smaller squads to complement each other. Using the Spectre, players can use invisibility to hide parts of their fleet. Using the Bruiser, players can barrel through enemy lines, pounding back defenses. Using the Medic, players can restore all ally shields. The combinations are endless and only the best commanders can craft a winning strategy.

Demo Room is always open to the player, allowing them to test out new ideas and strategies in the safety of a demonstrable space. Learn about each ship type, play around and discover new ways to beat your opponent. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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