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Devil Cult Party Walkthrough and Gameplay

Devil Cult Party is a pixel style strategy game by FrankieSmileShow. Manage a spooky demon death-cult. Bring about the doom of mankind, and watch out for competitors.Human sacrifices, studying the occult, selling merch, bringing back the dead and transforming cultists into demonic abominations is all part of the business.

You are a manager, sacrifice cultists to the altar with the knife, lead your followers to fight monsters. The final challenge of the game is to build the dark portal and summon Satan, which costs a lot of time and resources, and has disastrous consequences.

Your 3 resources are Cash, Piety and Ambiance. Cash is generated over time by your cultists, and by merch booths. You also get some gold whenever you kill monsters. Piety is needed for some of the more occult constructions and to use dark magic, and is slowly generated by having cultists sit in pews or chairs to pray. High ambiance brings more followers over time, makes them part with their money faster and increases the effectiveness of many of your constructions.

Devoted cultists are the backbone of your operation, and they do everything. They construct buildings, operate them, fight monsters and even produce cash. Most constructions you build affect the ambiance of your cult. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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