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Fruit Ninjas High Score Solution and Experience Share

Fruit Ninja is a great easy leisure game, just slice the fruits jumping on the screen with your finger to score. By the way, you cannot touch the bomb, it is dangerous.

Here is some experience for high score:

1. Be patient, slice after the fruits falling to the exact  position.

2. Slice as many as possible, at lease three fruits in one sword.

3. Do not omit Don’t omit three special bananas, the reward is very considerable. Especially fever bananas, the reward is not generally powerful.

4. More cross cutting, fewer vertical cutting.

5. Do not use multi fingers to cut, it will reduce the change of combo slicing reward.

6. Slice smaller fruits firstly if a pile of fruits is thrown up. They fall faster and need to be more accurate.

7. Keep your fingers away from the top left corner of the high score counter for 1 inch, here is the most high position of most of the fruits.

8. The most important thing is luck, hold it yourself.


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