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BlackShot M: Gears Walkthrough and Gameplay

BlackShot M: Gears is a online multiplayer FPS from Vertigo Games. Enter the battlefield with friends or players from all over the world and strike your opponents to achieve victory. Play all the positions and upgrade your favorite characters, weapons and gears to become the master gunslinger.

The game comes with a special system where you can customize your role in the squad. Choose from characters with different stats, weapons from shotguns to sniper rifle, and various tactical gears. Play all the roles and make upgrades to be the best on your position. Compete with global players and shoot your way to the top.

Take two gears into battle. There are up to 18 gears, each with unique abilities that can turn the tides of the battle around. Choose classic gears such as close-combat knives, or futuristic sci-fi gears such as gravity grenades. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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