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Kunoichi Botan Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 3

Kunoichi Botan is a unique anime RPG by Enokippu. Botan is an apprentice Kunoichi who is summoned by the village chief. Her master had been captured and she is tasked with the mission to rescue her, although she still lacks the skills and experience. It is a story-driven visual novel style game, it’s not hard and you can just follow the story.

Kunoichi Botan Walkthrough Part 1 – Oni:
Ignore the long description and prologue, and let’s start from 10:00 in the video. Before you start your journey, you need to choose the talent sleeping within Botan – Normal Girl or Gifted Ninja. Choosing Gifted Ninja will reduce the HP of enemies and decrease the difficulty of certain events such as traps.
Botan finally reached the destination. She need to visit and interact with several people such as Shady Man. You will get a lot of information from the dialog. Kill all the enemies you can see and gain HP. Sometimes you will meet three ninjas together, do not challenge them if you are not powerful enough. Botan will meet a monster in the room, and she finally breaks free from being caught.

Kunoichi Botan Walkthrough Part 2 – Ninja vs Sumo:
Check your items and choose the suitable item if you meet tough enemies. Keep attacking the guards, enemies, and monsters to obtain item chests. If you cannot open a door, search for the keys near by.
Botan will meet a tough enemy, and he is a swordmaster. Botan finally defeat him although it is not easy.
Later Botan find a hole in the wall, go through the hole and you will escape to a new place. But it’s dangerous and you may get stuck in the wall and be caught by the guard.

Kunoichi Botan Walkthrough Part 3 – Bad End:
Botan has her tough moment, she meet three guards and she lost consciousness. The later missions are tough and please check out the video walkthrough for details.

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