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Sayaka Relaunched Walkthrough and Guide

Sayaka Relaunched is a side scroller hard action game from SexualDarkness. Sayaka is one of the best professional assassins in China. She was born in japan and learned the art of ninjutsu under her master Hattori Musashi. When she was 15 her whole family was killed by the Yakuza members. Two years later Sayaka was given an extremely difficult but well paid mission – eliminate one of the most dangerous Yakuza leaders in Japan.

The game is very hard. The first level is more like a tutorial, after that the game starts getting harder and harder.

To find the Yakuza leader, Sayaka go to the Shawoon alley, which may be the only place in the town related to a yakuza. You will meet several guys in the outer alley, and you have to defeat them all.

Block, jump, move forward, then strike and kill the enemy. There is a 30% chance that your block will miss. So try to eliminate the enemy ASAP. You can’t avoid a charge attack. Use the time while waiting for the attack to focus and plan for your next move.

Strike your way to the end of the way, you will meet the leader of the Outer Alley. After defeating him, he told you the way to the Inner Alley. After you defeat lots of enemies and get to the end of the Inner alley, you meet the leader. Unfortunately, he knew few about the Yakuza leader.

Sayaka feels tired and she decides to leave. But Chando appeared, who is the leader of the Shawoon Gang the elder brother of Koji and Fuji. Chando command several guys to kill Sayaka, Sayaka tried her best to escape.

The ending is that Chando informed the leader they failed the mission, and the leader decided to take care of Sayaka himself.

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