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Hoyeonjigi Walkthrough and Full Instructions

Hoyeonjigi is a pixel point and click adventure game developed by Yurae and published by PsychoFlux Entertainment. You will play as the water strider Hoyeon, the guardian of the pond, who takes a journey to meet the Buddha with a small lotus flower who was snapped and unable to flower.

You have to go through a far away forest. Use your power of the god at the stone lantern, and it can transport you through dark objects. There will be a shrine if you go a bit further, through it you will be able to get to Buddha. But is is locked, and you have to find the key if you want to go inside.

Go ahead and you come to a stream, a duck is in the river and a money is in the tree. Take the fruit thrown by the monkey and feed it to the duck, who will carry you cross the stream.

Then you will see Dragon Finial, who was famished and cannot use any power. Feed him a peach and you will lift his burdens. He will lift you to the sky. You will see three cranes who tell you the god of the clouds are higher in the sky. You meet the god of the clouds and then go back to the ground.

Along the way you will see a Rabbit, go on and you will meet Dr. Sock. Dr. Sock said that the key is not in his possession, a lord who lives far across the river had borrowed the key. You can ride on the back of the Rabbit to cross the river, but the Rabbit lost a droplet, and he won’t depart until he find the lost droplet. You have to help him find it.

You need to go back to visit Dr. Sock, who holds the droplet. You need to find a suitable design pattern for him to decorate a bowl. Visit the god of the clouds and he will offer you the decorative object, give it to Dr. Sock and he will reward you the droplet.

Give the droplet to the Rabbit, and he will carry you cross the large river. Click the Back button at the top right corner of the screen, you will see many supernatural objects, including a beautiful painting and several bottles.

Click on the landscape painting and go into its beautiful world. There’s a Belll Ringer Magpie, who is looking for his parents. If you help him find his parents, you can use his bell for the music. Find magpies in the black willow tree on another bottle to unlock the bell. There are two dragons named Cheonghwa and Cheolhwa, who love to dance if there is music.

Visit the Lord Carp, who is a big fish holding the key to eh shrine. To get the key, you need to help him see a dragon fly in the sky. Go back to the two dragons and play the music they wanted, the order is red, blue, green, and purple. The green music is from the magpie bell, and the purple music is from the fourth fish at the cliff. Then the dragons are happy and they fly in the sky. Go back to Lord Carp, and you will be rewarded the key.

Then go back to the another side of the large river on the back of the Rabbit. The monkey lost his baby, and you need to help him find the baby in the sky from the god of the clouds. Then the duck will carry you across the stream.

Go inside the shrine, use the key and open the way to Buddha. Here you will find a Tiger stuck on the road. You need to answer him 3 quizs before he move his tail that is blocking the road.
First Quiz: a magpie has 2 legs, and a tiger has 4. There are 20 magpies and tigers and a total of 54 legs. How many of them are tigers. Answer: 7 Tigers.
Second Quiz: how many cranes are in this forest. Answer: 12.
Third Quiz: Who is the creator of this game? Answer: Yurae.

You will meet Cheonchu, Horseback-riding Earthware, and Lion Statues on the way, ignore them for now. Then you will meet Buddahs. The Left Buddah told you that you need to collect 4 lights of enlightenment first, then the door to Maitreya will be opened automatically.

Visit lion statues and use your god power, then access Invisible King, and then find the lost second sibling crane, who will reward you the Light of Enlightenment. For more detailed instructions please check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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