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Terrible Beast from the East Walkthrough Part 1 to 5

Terrible Beast from the East is an online adventure RPG developed by Sleeping Hero. You must fight invasions of monsters to save the last human city. You can fight alone or fight along your friends or complete strangers in various Invasions. Defeat monsters, level up, get souls and obtain epic loot.

You can choose from 6 unique characters depending on your playstyle. Return to town with your new loot and prepare for the next fight after you defeat an invasion. Go visit merchant Ebenezer in case you’re missing an equipment piece. Check out the local blacksmith and craft yourself your very first elite gear.

Terrible Beast from the East Walkthrough Part 1 – First Look:
Choose your character and start with level 1, kill skeletons to earn HP and upgrade your character. You could choose to learn a new skill or upgrade your existing skills. As upgrading you will find your enemies becoming tougher. Keep eliminating skeletons, craft your weapons and become stronger.

Terrible Beast from the East Walkthrough Part 2 – Tried To Roll:
The most interesting thing in the game is its crafting system. Craft and try various weapons and find the best one, be prepared for the coming boss.

Terrible Beast from the East Walkthrough Part 3 – Playing With The Devs:
This is an online multiplayer game, you could interact with other players, invite others to start invasions with you together. This makes the game easier and you can challenge harder levels.

Terrible Beast from the East Walkthrough Part 4 – Time To Train:
Do not try harder levels if you are not strong enough. Training in the area under level 10 will make you upgrading to higher levels safer.

Terrible Beast from the East Walkthrough Part 5 – Elite Staff and Dagger:
You will meet more enemies other than skeletons, such as spiders and other monster creatures. Different creatures have different abilities, so choose the suitable weapons and strategy. Be patient when you are facing a boss like Lady Famine, who is riding a skeleton horse.

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