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Grass Cut Walkthrough and High Score Strategy

Grass Cut is a unique satisfying and smooth grass cutting game from Voodoo. Tap to mow down the overgrown grass. Trim the grass, navigate across bridges and explore the wild world.

Flower: You may meet some flowers when you are cutting grass, they will blossom on the ground and you have to go back to cut the area again.

Fever: Cutting three flowers will make you going fever, then you can cut grass easier and faster with higher score.

Boss Island: Boss Island levels are hard, try to go into Fever Mode earlier and cut all the grass before Fever Mode is over.

Game Over: Do not move outside of the grass or game will be over. You have another chance to try again, if you still failed then you have to go to the first level of the game.

High Score Strategy: Try to cut all the grass as fast as possible, do not waste any cutting. Going fever earlier if possible. Finish each level in fewer cutting.

Grass Cut Video Walkthrough with High Score:

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