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Abstract Hell Walkthrough and Tips

Abstract Hell is a unique arcade game by Nathan Best. The game features many hostile creatures made of simple lines, curves, and light, and they’re bent on destroying you while you navigate the treacherous mazes collecting tokens to advance to the next level. Become overwhelmed in a variety of ways – sheer numbers, shifting environments, and various pranks.

Different types of enemies have different abilities. Some of them move slowly but reappear seconds later when destroyed; Some targets you through walls constantly; Some explodes on contact, dealing high damage; Some replicates itself endlessly if there’s room; Some will follow you endlessly although they deal low damage; Some will bounce towards you, explodes on contact and dealing high damage; Some bounce around aimlessly at high speed and cannot be destroyed; Some moves back and forth at high speed, and deals moderate damage over time on contact.

You need to play the game quickly and wisely. Do not expose yourself under the attack of all the creatures, eliminate the following enemies while you are running and keep yourself safe. Upgrade your stats with drops from larger boss creatures and use those upgrades across all levels and game modes. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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