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Boxing School Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 2

Boxing School is a strategic management simulator from Raptor Claw Games. You will play as a boxing manager and take control of a boxing gym in the 80s. Hire the boxers, teach them to fight and climb the ranks.

Search for the right fighters who hits like a truck and wish to become the champion of boxing. Hire veteran, expert or master staff to assist with training. Your boxers have unique fighting styles and skills, so choose between a variety of fighting styles and skills. Manage your fighters between rounds to gain the edge on your rivals in the ring.

Discover 4 different classes with unique fighting styles and skills. Arrange fights, promotional events and sign sponsorship deals. Level up as a boxing manager and gain new insight and knowledge. Earn the right to challenge the champion himself for the title belt.

Boxing School Walkthrough Part 1 – Punch Club Time:

Boxing School Walkthrough Part 2 – The Minor Circuit:

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