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Unreal PT Full Walkthrough and Guide include All Loops with Endings

Unreal PT is a short psychological horror adventure puzzle game developed by RadiusGordello. The game supports multiple controls including Mouse + Keyboard, Playstation and Xbox controllers, VR motion controllers.

The gameplay is nearly identical to the original. The biggest difference is the very end of the game has been changed slightly to make beating it more consistent. The controls are explained as the game progresses.

You find yourself in a small room with an unlocked door. Exit the room through the door and make your way around the corner and through the door at the end of the hall and down the stairs. Pass through the door at the bottom of the staircase to re-enter the hallway and begin a new loop.

Loop #1:
The first loop doesn’t have any puzzles, continue through the open door.

Loop #2:
Walk to the end of the hallway to the stairway door, which is now closed. Turn around and walk back to the door you started the loop at, the door on your left will start shaking and trigger a banging sound. Return to the first hallway and hold R3 to zoom in on the picture on the ground. The halfway door will now be open.

Loop #3:
Continue through the open door.

Loop #4:
Walk to the hallway door, which will close by itself before you reach. Walk up to the door and you will hear a door creak open behind you. Turn around to find the bathroom door cracked open. When you get to the door, a baby will start crying from inside.
Peer through the bathroom door with R3 to zoom in. A strange looking creature, resembling a woman, will shut the bathroom door and the loop door will open back up. Go to the end of the hall and reset the loop.

Loop #5:
Continue through to the hallway door.

Loop #6:
Go to the bathroom, head inside to find a flickering flashlight on the floor. Zoom in on the light to pick it up. As soon as you pick up the flashlight the door will lock you in.
Look in the sink to find a baby fetus wriggling inside, who will start crying. Stare at the crying baby, look into the mirror above the sink to watch the door creak open. Head back into the hall and go right to move down the stairs and begin a new loop.

Loop #7:
The hallway is almost completely dark. The radio is back on and utter commands, ignore it.
If you’ve already collected all six picture fragments, the door on this loop will already be open and you will be immune to Lisa’s attack.
Walk to the cabinet with the radio and find the picture of the man and woman.
Press the X Gauge button while focusing on the image to burn out one eye of the female figure and unlock the stairway door.

Loop #8:
Continue through to the hallway door.

Loop #9:
Continue through to the hallway door.

Loop #10:
Look on the wall to the left of the phone to spot the word “HELLO!”
Keep moving back and forth from the foyer to the phone until the words by the hanging fridge spell out: “I can hear them calling me from HELL.”
Once complete, the door will audibly unlock.

Loop #11:
Continue through to the hallway door.

Loop #12:
The fridge has been replaced by a swinging red light, go through the door and enter the distorted red hallways. Walk along them until you find a picture frame fallen off the wall, revealing a hole behind it. Peer through the hole and hold down R3 while you listen to the audio.
Once you’re forced out of the viewhole, the text “No turning back now” will appear on the wall.
Then leave through the hallway door.

Loop #13:
Use this loop to collect picture pieces, there are 6 in total. To collect a piece, zoom in with R3 until the screen glitches and the piece disappears.
After collecting the first 5 pieces, the game will start to glitch. Walk around the hallway until it eventually crashes.
After the crash, walk to the hallway door and collect the 6th piece on the stairs. Once collected, complete the loop.

Loop #14:
Stand next to the phone facing the first door, staying completely still. The clock will eventually strike midnight.
Don’t move until the chiming stops. Once it stops, walk forward exactly 10 paces, then freeze until you hear a baby laugh.
Turn around and walk through the hallway until you spot Lisa. The trickhere is to stand close enough to see her but not close enough where she can possess you.
When she finally disappears, you’ll hear a 2nd baby laugh. Once triggered, stand completely still until you hear a 3rd baby laugh.
After triggering the 3rd baby laugh, the phone will begin to ring. Zoom in on the phone with R3 to answer it.
Once you hear the door unlock, leave through the hallway door a final time to complete the game.

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