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Deranged Walkthrough and Guide

Deranged is a unique adventure puzzle game by Invention Games. Detectives Sarah and John lost communication while they are investigating some strange disappearances occur outside of a town. You will play as Edward, who suffers from schizophrenia goes in search of his only sister Sarah.

You arrived at the mordiz mansion, an abandoned place where Sarah and John disappear without a trace. You will have to face unimaginable horrors that inhabit the place, but not before dealing with what is in your mind.

You will find a gun and an ammunition of 12 bullets. You can use this gun to attack zombies in the later steps if necessary.

In the big dining room you will find a round plate holding by a standing statue. Solve the puzzle of the round plate you find a key. This key has to open some door of the mansion.

Go out of the dining room from the door besides the cupboard. Go ahead and you will find another door besides the stairs, here you can use the key you found to open the door.

Go ahead and turn right, you will find a shadow of ghost flying away. Then the house is shaking and a muscular monster with wings appears and attacks you.

More Deranged Game Walkthrough TBD.

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