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Endless Road Walkthrough and Gameplay

Endless Road is a roguelike card game from ZhangZhu Creative Culture. Use a variety of equipment and skill combos to defeat the vile creatures lurking along the endless road. Each fork in the road will test your decision-making abilities on this twisted, immersive journey.

Choose one of four character classes, each with their own fighting characteristics. Try out their unique talents and find special equipment that is tailored to each class. Each time you enter a new map, the content, events, and combat objects are randomly generated. You’ll come upon lots of hidden treasures along your journey, all with different powerful abilities. You’ll need to calculate and combine cards, spells, and talents to surpass the total points in your opponent’s hand.

When you defeat a boss, you won’t be able to switch classes or modes, but you can buy equipment to replace the existing one. When you die after a battle, you can switch classes or modes but you will not be able to improve your skills. There’s a lot of achievements to be unlocked. Use dozens of equipment, jewelry, and gemstones to improve your stats and cards. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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