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Chrono Ghost Walkthrough and Gameplay

Chrono Ghost is an awesome adventure game by NITETIME Studios. Progress through challenging levels using your newly acquired abilities. There are many secrets to discover on your journey.

As the Chrono Ghost you have the power to speed up, slow down, and stop time. These abilities will only work on certain objects depending on color. The game gets much more difficult in later levels. All Green outlined obstacles are affected by the time controlling mechanics, whereas all Red outlined obstacles are immune to the time control mechanics.

Chrono Ghost Natural Abilities:
Jump – Can be combined with the Dash ability and the Dash ability cool down. Short hop jumps and long extended jumps can be performed by tapping and long pressing the jumps button.
Crouch – Crouch to avoid certain obstacles.
Dash – Has a cool down indicator above the character. Dashing out into an open space + Jumping will allow Chrono Ghost to Dash again.
Camera panning – By pressing the B button allows the player to see what is in front to the right.

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