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A Fisherman’s Tale Walkthrough from Prologue to Chapter 2

A Fisherman’s Tale is a mind-bending VR puzzle adventure game developed byInnerspace VR. You will play as a tiny fisherman puppet named Bob, who live alone in tiny cabin. When your radio broadcasts a storm alert, you have to get to the top of the lighthouse and turn on the light. But as you try to leave your cabin with the help of some uncanny sidekicks, what’s waiting outside is not at all what you expected.

You may break more than a couple laws of physics in this mind-bending VR puzzles. Make it to the top of the lighthouse before The Big Storm, with the help of some uncanny sidekicks. Use your hands to pick up, throw, combine, and use all kinds of things. Uncover the truth at the core of an unusually tall Fisherman’s Tale.

Each room is uniquely set up with its own hidden items to be found and used right away. Stick your arm in the mini window and drop things in to drop larger versions of objects into your world, or look for miniature items and make them big. Any time you get stuck there’s a loop of hints that plays out, just wait patiently and listen carefully.

A Fisherman’s Tale Walkthrough The Prologue:
Bob wakes up in alone in his cabin by the sea. He gets up and brushes his teeth. Follow the tips on the wall to finish the process.

A Fisherman’s Tale Walkthrough Chapter 1:
Listen to clues, make connections, and solve puzzles to unlock each room and chapter.

A Fisherman’s Tale Walkthrough Chapter 2:
Open a can of sardines, find the key and get out of the door.

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