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Skipchaser Walkthrough and Guide All 4 Parts

Skipchaser is a story-driven sci-fi fantasy shooter from Ponywolf, with procedural missions, deep weapon customization and adventure elements. Skipchasers are a secretive group of gunmen scattered throughout the known universe, and they are skilled trackers and deadly assassins. Little is known about their origins, and less about their employer, the corporation know as M.O.T.H.E.R.

Contracts will send you all over the planet from salted wastelands to the bowels of the element mines long since abandoned. Here you will encounter all manner of human, alien and robotic brutes, making sure to keep your trigger finger ready at all times. Rather than collect weapons, you will get weapon parts as you play the game. With hundreds of possible combinations you can use the smithing system to create just the right ordnance for any enemy or situation.

You will be sent to an abandoned mining wasteland on Paterae XI. As bounty hunters, you’re tasked with clearing out the villains that have overtaken the place, blasting them as fast and effectively as possible. With all levels and enemies being procedurally-generated, you will be in all manner of varied combat situations against continually-changing foes.

Skipchasers and enemies deal damage in three different types: fire, bio and cryo. Choosing the right gun to clear out a room adds the right amount strategy. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Skipchaser Walkthrough Part 1 – Crash Landing:

Skipchaser Walkthrough Part 2 – Dead Rat Reward:

Skipchaser Walkthrough Part 3 – Maximum Magical Fertility:

Skipchaser Walkthrough Part 4 – Finale :

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