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Corrupted Commander Walkthrough and Gameplay

Corrupted Commander is a massively multiplayer strategy game by The Chair Studios. Take command of your troops and send them into battle or lead your troops to victory. Build offence units Tanks, Jets, Annihilators or Juggernauts Defend yourself with base turrets or choppers. Send scouts to claim more resources or neutral turrets, or just send a nuke and finish the job.

Jump in your Mech and become the commander of your army, purchase base defences or go full offence to claim land and defeat your enemy. Buy power ups to increase your damage, attack speed or extra firepower rockets or play the strategic approach and command from the back line its up to you how you play it and adapt as the game progresses.

The sky view map gives you a clear view over the battlefield, this enables you to plan your next strike or see the trouble they have coming their way. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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