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Catherine Classic Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 4

Catherine Classic is an anime RPG puzzle adventure game by Atlus. It is a tale of love, betrayal, and the terror of commitment. You will take on the role of Vincent, who is a man with a hard choice to make – marry his long-time girlfriend Katherine or move on to the incredible blonde named Catherine.

Vincent’s dreams revolve around a strange block-pushing puzzle game, and it is associated with the other kind of life and death decision. Each stage takes place on a crumbling tower where Vincent is pursued by a perverted image of his most current fear. His goal is to make it to the exit at the top, moving blocks to create stairways or removing them so that the ones above fall into a more useful pattern.

Various obstacles impede Vincent’s path. Some blocks are traps, waiting to skewer unwary climbers. Others explode, damaging everything around them. The sheep in the nightmare are desperate to survive until morning. They’ll get in your way, mess up your blocks, or even try to shove you off. You’ll need your wits and the help of strange items that can deal with the sheep, remove hazards or create new paths if you want to reach the top.

The setting changes each night, rising higher and higher into the heavens. The more stages Vincent overcomes, the more complex the strategies required to progress will become. Move the blocks to create a path and climb a nightmarish tower while fleeing from the monsters chasing you. The lowest levels of blocks fall as time passes. If you’re not constantly moving, you’ll fall with them. If you get stuck in the game check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Catherine Classic Walkthrough Part 1:

Catherine Classic Walkthrough Part 2:

Catherine Classic Walkthrough Part 3:

Catherine Classic Walkthrough Part 4:

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