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Miscreated Walkthrough and Guide All 6 Parts

Miscreated is a multiplayer online survival game from Entrada Interactive, set in a post-apocalyptic future. Miscreated is an extremely detailed and diverse landscape featuring picturesque forests, towering cities, deep hidden caves, bunkers and sewers. You must survive against horrific mutants, hostile animals, other desperate survivors and even the elements. Discover over 15 types of drivable vehicles and repair them to travel faster on land or in water.

You need to obtain food and water. Due to The Final War a lot of the items you find will be dirty, irradiated, or possibly even poisoned, so always inspect items before you consume them. Hunting wildlife to harvest meat, or growing your own crops, is the safest option.

The game features an extensive temperature system and dynamic weather that can alter your character’s statistics. Always be equipped for the unexpected, wrap up warm when needed or hide inside buildings for shelter to survive the harsh elements.

Find crafting guides and create more advanced parts. Discover even stronger building components and tow them back to your base. Form clans with friends and strangers to combine efforts and work together to create an architectural masterpiece. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Miscreated Walkthrough Part 1 – Mutants and Bandits:

Miscreated Walkthrough Part 2 – Epic Loot:

Miscreated Walkthrough Part 3 – Giant Town:

Miscreated Walkthrough Part 4 – Find Dlive and Wade:

Miscreated Walkthrough Part 5 – Taking Hostages:

Miscreated Walkthrough Part 6 – Capturing Bandits:

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