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Fat Birds Build a Bridge! HD Game Walkthrough Chapter 1 Level 1 to 12

Fat Birds Build a Bridge HD is a very interesting puzzle game, we need to create a bridge enough for various fat birds with the provided limited wood. You need to make the bridge strong enough, also you need to use the wood as few as possible to get higher score.

In this walkthrough we will show you how to finish level 1 to 6 in chapter 1 of the game.

Level 1-1: this level is very easy, it is a tutorial and the player knows how to create a bridge. Directly click on the left side of the connection point and drag to the right side of the link points to create a straight link plank bridge.

Level 1-2: a white fat bird appeared, linear bridge is not enough to meet its weight. So we need a fulcrum in the third connect one board to the middle to form the style to finish the level.

Level 1-3: four connections is easy to let everybody to come up with the modelling, get up easily.

Level 1-4: only one bird need to pass the bridge, but this blue guy is really fat. We only have little wood to  use, so we came up with a kind of arch bridge. Although it is a little chatter, but it still can support the blue bird.

Level 1-5: the game finally gets some difficulty, see the red guy? Is there any more fatter? The bridge is no longer a simple connection with the wood, we also need to use terrain to support bridge, especially the hollows in the left lower often can be used after.

Level 1-6: with the most simple logical structures, unexpectedly passed the level easily.

Level 1-7: we need to connect the cliffs, the distance is short and five wood is enough to build such a bridge of diamond.


Level 1-8:  this level is a little difficult, I finish the game after several tries, the appearance of the bridge is a little ugly, but practically it is very strong.


Level 1-9: level 9 is similar with level 2, the difference is in the opposite direction.


Level 1-10: level 10 is very interesting, we need to bridge a bridge above the rock with no connection points, the left and right side of the screen is almost the same so we bridge such a symmetric bridge.


Level 1-11: this level is very innovative, the provided wood is not enough, so we derivative a bridge extending out of the picture, we just build a diving platform for the fat bird.


Level 1-12: this level is not difficult, we can find fulcrums on both the sides.


This ends up the walkthrough for all the levels of chapter 1 of Fat Birds build a bridge game.

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