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Crowd City Strategy Tips: How to Get Highest Score Fast

Your objective in Crowd City is to build up the biggest crowd possible and get the highest score within two minute. Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership.

Once your crowd is moving, they run automatically, so you don’t have to hold in a specific direction in order to get them moving. All that you have to do is swipe in a direction, and then wait your character go until you want to change directions again.

The game is addictive, but it is not easy to achieve high score. Here comes 5 tips for you to beat the game and get the world record score.

Tip 1. Grow up with Neutral Villages
Each player will start with only 1 person. The most important thing for you is to grow up rather than fight with other players. Run up and down the street and recruit everyone that you can, especially those neutral white crowd. We need to go to places where there are more white villains and quickly integrate them into your team, the crossroads and the corners are among these great places.

Tip 2. Hunt down Smaller Players
You can start hunting down smaller players once you have around 30 people. Try to find players with fewer people, keeping yourself safety is the most important thing. Be careful those players with almost the same number of people with you, because they may have more people than you if they recruit a few neutrals while they are approaching you.
Once you do significant damage to a large player’s crowd, they will start running away from you. Do not go for the full kill, it’s too hard. The wise solution is to run after another smaller player, and skim off a large chunk of their crowd. Repeat this until you have a ridiculously huge crowd.

Tip 3. Stay Away from Larger Players
Run quicky away from larger players and avoid be swallowed up by them. Always pay attention to their postion and moving direction. Stay away from these powerful players while you are growing up, because they can recruit your crowd easily and even kill you.

Tip 4. Use the Terrain to Protect Yourself or Beat Smaller Players
If you are being chased and encounter dangerous situations, you can run into a small space in between buildings when. Your crowd will automatically split itself up to get in between the spaces. Your opponents will stop chasing you and go away.
If you are chasing smaller crowd, try to push them to the edge of the map, and then hunt them all down.
If you meet with large crowd at the corners, you could consider moving those movable terrains. Most of the objects in the game can be pushed away, if you have enough crowd.

Tip 5. Cooperate with Your Friends or Other Players
You can work with your friends or teammates to kill others and grow up together faster. This will bring you a lot of fun, especially while you are playing with friends. The precondition is that you know your team players enough and trust them.

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