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My Time at Portia Fast Money Guide, Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Money has many uses in My Time at Portia, so you need plenty of them. The more cash you have, the more materials, upgrades, and items you can buy. There are tons of ways to earn cash in the game, such as mine, fish, harvest crops, and build materials. The best ways to make money is by taking commissions in the town center, or crafting items and selling them for good money. Here we have figured out basic tips and tricks to help you booster your money.

Tip 1. Take Commissions in the Town Center
Go to the Commerce Commission board inside the hall, pick up a job from the board, complete it and return the requested materials to the person that put up the contract, you will be rewarded with cash.

These contracts usually revolve around crafting certain items. You’ll have a few days to finish each job depending on who is asking for. Taking commissions is also a great way to raise your workshop’s reputation and earn some relationship points apart from some easy money.

Most of the quests are easy, although some of the items can be challenging to make early on. Look out for contracts that have a bow or ribbon around the upper left corner. These offer vastly greater rewards than the traditional quests. There are often times when you can get the same mission 2-3 times in a row.

Comissions for water tanks are decent money and are easy to complete at early stages of the game.

Tip 2. Sell Crafted Items
You can sell specific items to various stores. If you sell an item directly related to their profession, you get a small bonus. There are also seasonal bonuses that have prices that fluctuate. You can easily make a few thousand gold in a single in-game day.

Do not sell raw resources, such as wood or stones. The Stone stools sell much more than stones. So take these materials back to your workship and craft items to sell instead. Mine, get stone, make stools, offload stools at Paulie’s store when prices are high. You can manufacture as many stools as your stone cache allows all at once.

The herb fence is really cheap to make and each one sell for 500 or higher.

Make boxes and store them, sell when the exchange rate is over 100%.

Tip 3. Spend Your Money Wisely
Do not waste your money, spendig your money wisely is another way to increase your existing money. Make your plan and decrease the unnecessary cost. Do not buy anything you can make or farm yourself, it’s much cheaper than buying something in the stores.

Tip 4. Loot and Fishing
Chests can be found everywhere, such as every built up area with multiple buildings, and even the odd farm house. They are scattered all over and some contain some fantastic items that are worth keeping or valuable to sell.

If you’re good at fishing, the fishing spot near the bottom of the waterfall has Goliaths, they sell for 350 per regular fish and 700 for emperor.

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