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Laser Overload Walkthrough Level 8-1 to 8-70

Laser Overload is a unique electrifying puzzle adventure game developed by Tap Anywhere. Your goal is to connect energy sources with batteries to recharge them. Connecting laser beams creates beautiful pattern, electrify your creativity and get your lasers flowing.

Rotate mirrors and use energy teleports to keep the grid functional. Collect stars without breaking the grid for additional challange. The game features more than 300 levels. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Laser Overload Walkthrough Part 11 – Level 8-1 to 8-16:

Laser Overload Walkthrough Part 12 – Level 8-17 to 8-30:

Laser Overload Walkthrough Part 13 – Level 8-31 to 8-50:

Laser Overload Walkthrough Part 14 – Level 8-51 to 8-75:

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