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Rise of Ages Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 4

Rise of Ages is a sandbox RPG from Anguis Game Studio. In this incredible world, you will have to face several challenges to ensure your survival and evolve your civilization through history ages. Each age brings a story to be lived through and you will be rewarded with technologies to make new items.

Venture through quests and experience an exciting story. You will make friends, meet secret places and face the greatest challenges of your journey. There are great forces that will confront you as you advance in your discoveries. Travel to the ends of the world and explore the most diverse biomes. With each new place, new resources will be at your disposal. Combine them to craft items and equipment that will allow you to go further.

Throughout the ages, you can produce new and more modern equipment. Your genetics will also evolve and allow you to acquire new skills and increase your vital attributes. Form a civilization by inviting members and assigning professions to them. Boost your production and manage your economy.

Experience a unique story on each age through dozens of quests and multiple side quests. Fight bosses that are powerful enemies and unimaginable beings. Craft multiple objects from your hands or from your skilled workers. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Rise of Ages Walkthrough Part 1 – Stone-age Sandbox:

Rise of Ages Walkthrough Part 2 – Terraria Clone:

Rise of Ages Walkthrough Part 3 – If Terraria and Civilization had a child:

Rise of Ages Walkthrough Part 4 – Crafts Stone Age Cloning:

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