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Those Who Remain Walkthrough and Trailer

Those Who Remain is a psychological dark thriller adventure game from Camel 101. Join Edward Turner as he arrives in the attainted Dormont. He soon realizes that something obscure is happening in the small town. Help Edward uncover the unknown secret behind the dense darkness and save those who remain.

Dormont was once a peaceful place, but now it is a mysterious ghost town. Most of the Inhabitants are trapped in an enigmatic darkness, with no means of escaping it. Strange and dangerous creatures are roaming the streets, looking for their next victim. The only way to survive is by staying in the light. Escape by travelling between worlds. Find out what happened to Dormont. Decide what happens to you.

There are strange portals in Dormont that take Edward to a mirrored version of our world. Whatever happens in one world has an effect on the other. Edward will have to make tough choices during his adventure. What he decides will affect the ending, and his own destiny. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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