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Hectic Highways Walkthrough and Gameplay

Hectic Highways is an awesome action game from Whiteshadow Games. Make your way down 15 unique levels while jumping, dodging and weaving your way through daunting obstacles. Collect bonus stars by completing the objective for each level. 4 different environments will keep you on your heels as you survive the onslaught of trees, turbines, electric pylons and more.

Challenge yourself with 15 levels of increasing difficulty. Learn the basics and move onto future levels where only those who plan a route will survive. Protect yourself from over 100 obstacles littered across every level.

Brave the Baron Wastelands as you learn the art of dodging and weaving obstacles in the depths of an Ancient Egyption desert. These wastelands are sure to warm you up.

Take a trip down the Country Roads but make sure you’re on your heels as trees and wonky road signs will be in your path to success in the depths of an English forest.

Enjoy the scenic Country Roads at night, but dont stargaze for too long! Your long range sight is restricted, so it’s up to you and your quick wits to survive.

You’ll be needing to chill out as you speed down the Frosty Highlands. Fallen lampposts and ice shards will be just some of the obstacles in your way as you’ll need quick reflexes in this challenging zone. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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