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Lifting Journey Walkthrough and Gameplay

Lifting Journey is a digital illustrated 2D point and click puzzle adventure from Team FLUP. It is about a little girl who is going on a search for her missing dog. Using her ability of making balloon to solve puzzles and unfold the mystery behind.

Yuki and her dog Coco are each other’s best buds in Balloon Town. They often play together until she got exposed to a digital gadget and got addicted to it. From then onwards Yuki neglected Coco and so he left and went on to play on his own. He was never seen again.

Explore and enjoy the environment of Balloon Town and Sky Island while you search for Coco. Living in Balloon Town is not easy as you’ll need to fly up and down using a balloon to live your daily life. So make use of a Ballonian’s ability to help Yuki in her search.

Unfold the story behind by unlocking the levels. Look around and make use of items to help you get through obstacles. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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