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Supralympic Runners Walkthrough and Gameplay

Supralympic Runners is a first-person competitive endless runner from Uranium Soda Studio. Experience the perfectly-shaped, fully mechanized, rocket-powered supralympian runner. You will play as an heavily fitted athletic champion. Nerves of steel are highly required to compete for the worldwide leading position.

Embraced the life of a supralympian athlete. You have been training over and over to master and improve this high-tech body. Run as far as you can, avoid obstacles and hurry up while the Stungate is still open, which is a gate kept by a giant compressor. It’s 50,000 tons of tungsten-titanium waiting to fall upon your head if you are late.

If you manage to cross 5 Stungates, you complete a stage. You have a few seconds of respite during which you can take a look at the cityscape. But don’t relax too much, each completed stage means a new deadly obstacle into the death row. The game features 10 types of deadly obstacles to spell the end of each and every round, 8 types of collectable bonus to get extra-backing, and 3 ranges of armor kits to push the deadline back.

Forward Speed Control – You can manage your running speed with your back thruster. This speed is driven with physic-based parameters : thrust of motor and legs and body drag.

Lateral Control – You can freely and continuously move laterally between bounding walls. The fastest you run forward, the slowest you run laterally, following a specific curve.

Vertical Control – Vertical speed is not only driven by gravity but also by motor thrust. You have the ability not only to sustain jumps but also to dive lightning-fast into the ground.

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