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Born Punk Walkthrough and Gameplay

Born Punk is a cyberpunky classic point and click adventure game by Insert Disk 22. It is a game in the style of the 80s and 90s point and click classics, that delivers an intriguing storyline and logical, non-outlandish puzzles.

The game follows Eevi Rinasdottir, a former corporate combat hacker. Eevi grew up in the bad parts of Bornholm and was forcefully recruited by a mega-corporation called Mitsotomo. One decade later, Eevi was forced to return to the place of her humble beginnings, to work as a barkeep for her foster father, and to dream of returning to the glittering corporate lifestyle she had grown used to.

Meet Eevi as she is suffering an ungodly hangover, trying to prepare for a nightly data drill, a freelance hack meant to extract enough critical data from random targets to finance her comeback. What she doesn’t know is that an electronic entity has infected her cyberdeck. At least at first glance, this entity seems just as confused about the situation as Eevi is.

As the story advances, you will seek answers about the nature of the intruder, either come to terms with it or try to expel it from her body, struggle with suffering from what is essentially a digital multiple personality disorder, and ultimately uncover a conspiracy that could change humanity’s future forever. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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