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Little Imps: A Dungeon Builder Walkthrough and Gameplay

Little Imps: A Dungeon Builder is a strategy simulator from King Art, upjers. The game makes you the gatekeeper to the deepest, darkest places of the world. You are lord over your minions, and only by making sure their basic needs are met, will you be able to eek out every last drop of sweat for an optimal dungeon construction. Prove your leadership qualities and create your own dungeon in a memorable fantasy world.

Your subterranean labyrinth is really just a couple of rooms. The only inhabitants are a handful of scrawny earth imps milling about. They can clear rubble and like to cook, but they’re just constantly resting. You’ll be old and gray before anyone even trembles the slightest bit. Only divine intervention can help these useless creatures pick up the pace. Build a shrine and increase your imps’ motivation with a couple of measly prayers.

Establish yourself as a feared ruler of the underworld. Create your own dungeon, conquer cities, subjugate menacing creatures and make them to your bidding. The game features unique room types determined by different types of flooring. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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