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Monster Prom: Second Term Walkthrough Part 1 to 3 with Endings

Monster Prom: Second Term is the first premium content expansion of Monster Prom, the awesome dating sim developed by Beautiful Glitch.
This expansion features all-new characters, narratives and events that will provide you with countless new experiences in your quest of finding monster love.

Join up with Scott, Polly, Miri and the rest of your scary-sexy classmates for a whole new term of dread and debauchery. Prom is still 3 weeks away, but now the odds are stacked even harder against you, with all new boos to woo, prophecies to decipher and complicated moves to conquer.

The game features more than 120 new events to experience alongside our ghoulish gang. There are around 10 new secret endings to tug at your heartstrings. Choose from over 10 NPCs, ranging from a preppy Yeti to an obnoxious Kappa character. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Monster Prom: Second Term Walkthrough Part 1 – So Many Hot Monsters:

Monster Prom: Second Term Walkthrough Part 2 – Valerie Ending:

Monster Prom: Second Term Walkthrough Part 3 – Calculester Good Ending:

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