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How to make Carbon in Alchemy Classic

Carbon is a fun element in Alchemy Classic, and it can be used to combine ZnC Battery, Cast Iron, Diamond, Gunpowder, and Hydrocarbon. Making Carbon in Alchemy Classic is not easy, you need to combine Fire and Wood. We have figured out the easiest way to make Carbon, you need at least 12 steps. Check out the detailed walkthrough and try it yourself.

Fire + Air = Lightning
Earth + Water = Swamp
Lightning + Swamp = Amino Acids
Amino Acids + Swamp = Bacteria
Bacteria + Water = Algae
Earth + Algae = Moss
Moss + Earth = Grass
Grass + Earth = Bamboo
Earth + Fire = Stone
Fire + Stone = Metals
Bamboo + Metals = Wood
Fire + Wood = Carbon

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