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Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt Walkthrough and Gameplay

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt is an awesome city builder strategy simulator from HandyGames. Guide your people from their first steps in a small village to a massive medieval metropolis with thousands of inhabitants. Send your architects and builders to plan and construct a city. Also send your craftsmen, to cut some wood and to mine ore. Make sure your fields are on fertile grounds, to get all the food for your hungry subjects.

Overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Your citizens have various needs in order to stay happy. You have to keep them happy, to keep the tax coins rolling which you need to build even more. There are many things in the world that will disturb the happiness. A huge variety of houses to build and many different jobs for your subjects will keep you busy. The armory will produce weapons for your soldiers, to keep your citizens save from bandits. Make sure to have an eye on the daily routines of your people.

If you order your folks to build a house and then send them to a new job, everything will reward you with experience points. This progression system will allow you to research techniques that for example increase the amount of taxes you get or make your watchtowers more efficient. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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