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Blood Bond – Into the Shroud Walkthrough and Gameplay

Blood Bond – Into the Shroud is a third-person story driven RPG from W.R.K.S Games. You will play as Astrid, a Viking heroine on a mission to rescue her mother. Team up with her estranged father figure Birger the Bastard, encounter the beautiful and dangerous environment of Jordenheim as you traverse puzzles and vanquish enemies.

Discover Jordenheim, a Viking inspired world with lush environments, a flourishing ecology, and deep characters as you immerse yourself in the adventure that challenges you with exploration, puzzles and strategic combat as you work your way through our engaging story.

Thus begins our adventure of danger, exploration, and self-discovery as Astrid and Birger set out to unearth the source of these events, while at the same time finding common ground between themselves and forging a lasting father-daughter relationship. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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